Species of Concern

American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
Bullfrog Control

Amur Goby (Rhinogobius brunneus)
Amur Goby Alert! (June 2009)
Pacific Northwest Goby Alert! (July 2006)

Asian Carp
USGS Asian Carp Fact Sheets (Bighead, Black and Silver Carp)

1. Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) USGS Fact Sheet
2. Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) USGS Fact Sheet
3. Black Carp (Hypophthalmichthys piceus) USGS Fact Sheet

MICRA Asian Carp Key
Sea Grant Asian Carp Poster

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
Atlantic Salmon Fact Sheet
More Educational Materials
Atlantic Salmon Escape and Recovery Data for Alaska, British Columbia and Washington

Caulerpa Taxifolia
Southern California Caulerpa Action Team

Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis)
Chinese Mitten Crab Fact Sheet
More Educational Materials

Crayfish Found in Oregon (2011)
State of Crayfish in the Pacific Northwest

Didymo (Rock Snot) (Didymosphenia geminata)
PSU Center for Lakes and Reservoirs Fact Sheet
Environmental Protection Agency Fact Sheet

Green Crab (Carcinus Maenas)
Look Out for Invasive European Green Crab (Alaska)
Green Crab Fact Sheet
More Educational Materials
Presentations from the Green Crab Technical Meeting March 11-12, 2008
Presentations from the Green Crab Technical Meeting of December 13, 2005

New Zealand Mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum)
New Zealand Mudsnail Fact Sheet
More Educational Materials

Northern Pike (Esox lucius)
Lake Davis, California to be treated for Northern Pike (August 2007)
Northern Pike in Alaska
Northern Pike in California

Nutria (Myocastor coypus)
Following the Invasive Nutria in the Northwest (January 2011)
USGS Fact Sheets
Skagit Valley Nutria Project

Spartina (Cordgrass) (Spartina spp.)
Identifying Spartina in Puget Sound and Georgia Strait
San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project

Zebra/Quagga Mussel (Driessena polymorpha, Dreissena rostriformis bugensis)
Zebra and Quagga Mussel Lake Distribution by County (USGS)
USGS Zebra Mussel  Distribution Map
USGS Quagga  Mussel Distribution Map
Quagga and Zebra Mussel fact sheet (ODFW)
Zebra Mussel Fact Sheet
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Other Information Regarding Species of Concern
Global Invasive Species Database: 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species

ANS Examples



(Caulerpa Taxifolia)

Nicknamed “killer algae”, part of this species success as an invader in non-native habitats is the lack of natural predators. Predation by herbivorous fish and invertebrates is an important controlling factor in the ecology of this alga. C. taxifolia grows unchecked in environments with no natural predators.