A new video informs seaplane pilots about the impacts of aquatic nuisance species and outlines steps necessary to prevent inadvertent spread. This video was produced through the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission and contains background information as well as detailed instructions for inspection and decontamination.
If you operate a seaplane, do your part:


How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants and Animals by Seaplane (AOPA, 2013)

Seaplanes – Inspection and Decontamination (2011)

Want to know which western waterbodies are considered to be either “positive” for quagga or zebra (Dreissenid) mussels or for a “critical” invasive plant species? Take a look at our List of Critical Waters.

Recommendations for Seaplane Inspection and Decontamination for Aquatic Nuisance Species (August 2010)

Seaplane Critical Water List (Updated September 2011)

INVASIVE AQUATIC PLANTS and FLOATPLANE OPERATIONS: Help prevent new infestations (2013)

ANS Examples

Atlantic Salmon


(Salmo salar)

Introduced through planned and unplanned escapes from fish farms