PSMFC Releases New Zebra Mussel Video (January 2012)


The PSMFC (with funding from the  USFWS)  has  produced a new two-part high definition video on DVD to replace the original 2008 video by the same name.  The new DVD includes a 44 minute INFORMATION AND EDUCATION video that addresses the origin, life history, distribution, transport vectors, impacts and issues surrounding the invasion of Dreissenid mussels in North America in an updated and more comprehensive manner than the earlier version.  The DVD also includes a 28 minute WATERCRAFT AND EQUIPMENT INSPECTION AND DECONTAMINATION TRAINING VIDEO incorporating the latest protocols, standards and science relating to watercraft and water-based equipment interception.  The DVD has a 72 minute total running time, but can be shown separately.   Funding for this production was provided by the USFWS (Region I), produced PSMFC’s Bill Zook and filmed by Videoland Productions of Lacey WA.  Portions of the video were filmed in the Colorado, Missouri and Columbia River basins and the Great Lakes. For more information on the video, contact Bill Zook at

To view the videos online go to

PSMFC “Don’t Move A Mussel 2011”

PSMFC “Inspection & Decontamination 2011”

HD “Don’t  Move a Mussel 2011”  Video Files (including 60 second promo) (Note: files are large)

B Roll

Interviews (mp4)

Interviews (YouTube)

Weatherby Lake Stream Team’s (MO)  abbreviated version (13 minutes)  of the “Don’t Move A Mussel 2011 “

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ANS Examples

Zebra Mussel


(Dreissena polymorpha)

Zebra mussels have disrupted the traditional aquatic food chains of many inland lakes. Their voracious filter feeding depletes the availability of microscopic organisms that play a critical part in each lake’s ecological food web.